CBE Specimen


In addition to a full exam for each subject, an extra set of MTQs has been made available, presented as they will appear in a live exam.

Answers have been provided for all questions, including for each individual task in an MTQ, to help you understand your performance.

To benefit from full exam functionality, please ensure that popup blockers are disabled before commencing your exam.

FAB-Accountant in Business (Full Exam) FAB (Full Exam) Answers
FAB-Accountant in Business (Extra MTQs) FAB (Extra MTQs) Answers
FMA-Management Accounting (Full Exam) FMA (Full Exam) Answers
FMA-Management Accounting (Extra MTQs) FMA (Extra MTQs) Answers
FFA-Financial Accounting (Full Exam) FFA (Full Exam) Answers
FFA-Financial Accounting (Extra MTQs) FFA (Extra MTQs) Answers